Monday, January 23, 2012

Colorful Star Park

Another park in Copenhagen attracts my attention this week. I have been before in this park but during the day, that is why I decided to take a walk during the day so I can get some extra pictures. It´s completely different from any other! It´s about the park located on Frederikssundsvej (Hulgaards Plads to be more precise. Assembled probably after the modernization of the area and the blocks with modern architecture, without the red or orange brick facades of the specific Danish urban landscape but with huge windows and balconies large as half of a room, the park proves overwhelming simplicity. 

 The recipe is simple: you take a not very complicated symbol, in this case a five-pointed star, and do with it everything you can and should exist in a beautiful public place. And here I mean the benches and the tables, the tracing lines, the public lighting and the demarcation between the asphalt and the area with planted trees, and so on. The investment does not seem to be enormous but with very good common sense. 

 The most impressing thing that attracts me to visit the park during the night time was the lightning. The lightning of different colors, with stars projections on the asphalt offers a fairytales view. Next time I´d like to visit the park, it would probably be during a time with lots of snow or thick fog. But until then, I´d be happy with the pictures I have made this time. 

I hope you enjoy it!

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Gabriela Tardea said...

the pictures are really amazing. I love the colors and the way you transparently transform anything of simplicity into something special ... and this by just using your camera. Good work, be proud of yourself and keep writing because you definitely inspire with your work ;)