Saturday, January 14, 2012

Recreation Time ... Norrebro park

        If there is one thing the Danes are very good at is creating new, creative and beautiful outdoor parks for relaxation and enjoying the free time (It has to be like this considering that Danes only 30 hour a week – that’s what EU Labor Force approved for 2011). 

This was confirmed to me once again last weekend, when I took a visit to the new park in Norrebro. Located between Norrebrogade and Tangesvej, the area is now much more colorful. To be honest, I was quite skeptical at first when I saw that it has been started the development of that area, and this because I lived in that neighborhood, 10 meters from the new park (I could see from my apartment window everything what was happening there, including how someone broke in my flat mate’s car, how somebody else made a nice graffiti on my car, how the young guys from this neighborhood always had some problems with the policemen, etc), but my skepticism was (thankfully) wrong. I’m not saying that these things will never happen again, but now if a cop will follow a bad guy who just broke into a car or he had done some illegal things at least they will run in a area with a lot of beautiful colors, with swings and benches with a modern design, with palm trees and other kind of exotically trees, and all this things will make them smile, will make them fell like “home” if we consider the origin of the bad guy who may be from a palm tree country . The same thing with the cop, he will run smiling when he will see the Asiatic or Russian letters, and in his head will pop the amazing experiences from his last trip in one of these countries, or his next vacation. 

But now let’s be serious again and try to see the thematic of this new park. I think you already realized that is about a multinational park with design from a lot of different countries. I didn’t read all the places that this new recreation area covers but some that I remember are USA, Kina, Russia, Iraq, etc. 

One of the strong points is considered the very powerful colors and the same for the rigidity of the park elements. The architect of this park had surely considered the location and that may be the reason of placing the elements as durable as possible. As a minus, that I want to mention, could be the lack of trash bins in the park. At least, there are less than necessary considering the size of the park. Even the existent ones were full or even thrown down with all the garbage scattered over a radius of 1-2 meters. Considering the amount of money invested, they should at least ensure better sanitation. But maybe it was just a coincidence of mine being there at the beginning of the year or during the Russian Christmas, the time when the garbage trucks don’t work.

As a conclusion, I suggest you should visit this park together with your kids, with your life partners or with just your photo camera. That will definitely be a place that I am going to visit more often, next time during the night…I think there can be shouted very beautiful nocturnal urban landscape. But for that I may need some backup with me (some more people, group of friends, maybe). The area seems to be a little dangerous for going all by yourself equipped with cameras.

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Márti said...

How come, that I missed this park so far?? Very nice! And I like your blog.